Friday, 16 January 2009

Original News Story

Halls of residents have protested over a student being evicted from his home over the possession of drugs.

Bournemouth University student, Scott Spurgeon, has been told he has two weeks to find himself new accommodation after a security guard discovered two bags of cannabis at his flat in Corfe House, Poole.

This has caused outrage at Corfe House - a petition has been signed by 153 students who think the matter was dealt with unfairly.

The incident occurred on the 15th November when four of his friends from his home town, Bromley, came up to stay with him for the weekend.

The 19-year-old, who is studying for a degree in Marketing and Advertising, said “We were smoking in my room. The room got very smoky and it set the fire alarm off”.

A bag of cannabis was found on the floor of his bedroom when the security guard at the halls of residence arrived on the scene.

Mr Spurgeon admits he was in the wrong but was told he has two weeks to find new accommodation. A warning from the police was also issued to him.

Marketing student, Laura Fulham, claims “I think it’s harsh and over the top. They didn’t ask him what happened, they just kicked him out. There are students that do a lot worse.”

The policy was defended though by Corfe House receptionist, Lynne Simms. “Drugs are prohibited in the building and anyone caught with them will be dismissed – there are no exceptions”.

Scott’s punishment has set an example to other students within the building. He is now seeking private accommodation in Bournemouth.

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